Pro Life– Thomas is 100% Pro Life. Without exception. The most fundamental right, to protect the unborn, is something Thomas stands firmly on. As your State Representative, Thomas pledges to work hard each and everyday to stand up to Planned Parenthood. Right to life isn’t just a political issue, its a generational topic. Thomas hopes he can help lead in his generation that overturns Roe v. Wade. 

Pro Second Amendment – Growing up the son of a Butler County Sheriffs deputy, Thomas is a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. The right to bare arms is an essential part to our society and nations history. Standing firm and protecting this amendment is important to Thomas. Coming from a hunting family, Thomas himself is gun owner and active CCW permit holder. Individual gun ownership is a key constitutional right to Thomas, as it was to our nations founders. 

Pro Small Business-  Thomas is ready to fight for the small businesses in the district. To cut the unnecessary red tape, to legislate new ways and policies to help enable business growth to drive more clientele. He is ready to sit down and talk with businesses to understand their needs and develop solutions to help them become more successful.

Pro School Safety– No parent should ever feel scared to send their child to school. Thomas and his family have been impacted by a school shooting. With that being said, it is a priority of Thomas’ to work to enact legislation to help schools and find new ways to make schools more safe for the students.

Pro First Responders– Having not one, but both parents as first responders growing up, Thomas often spent his days at the local fire house. First responders especially mean more to Thomas because of the connection he has made with area first responders. In Columbus, Thomas will fight for the men and women who risk their lives everyday for their communities. We are all thankful for the sacrifice and dedication of our first responders.

Farmers- Thomas believes that farmers are the backbone of our great nations economy. Thomas wants to be a voice for farmers and continue to work with them to become more prosperous and more efficient. Local Government Fund- One of the most highly talked about issues at the local government level, Thomas stands firm in wanting to fight to get the money back to the local governments. Thomas has first hand experienced the effects of the local government fund creation, as in Madison Township, like all other local government entities, were greatly effected. Working with local governments is important to understand the different struggles and needs of each community.